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Tree advisory service

We offer a Tree Advisory Service to owners of trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or situated within a Conservation Area. For a small fee, our Arboricultural Officer will undertake a basic assessment of the tree(s), from ground level, and provide a short report on the condition of the tree(s) and what works (if any) would be supported by the council should an application be submitted.

Please note that one of the recommendations of the assessment may be to secure the services of a Consulting Arborist, to either undertake a climbing survey or carry out an assessment using equipment not at our disposal. This could be internal decay detection equipment or a static load test, which may be required as evidence for a subsequent tree works application.

Arboricultural Association’s approved contractors and consultants 

Tree advisory service

Trees covered by a TPO or within a conservation area
You will be taken to our payments system on submission of this form.

Seek advice from private consultant or contractor.

We can only advise on trees covered by a TPO or within a conservation area.

Not sure if tree is covered by TPO or conservation area
Advisory service
If the number of trees you need advice on is more than 30 please seek advice from a private contractor.
A discount is available for people getting benefits or State Pension - please be aware you may be asked to provide proof of benefits.
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