The Development Team Approach for Major Applications - Practice Note 15


We are keen to make the service we offer to applicants as effective and accessible as possible. One way of improving service delivery in this area has been termed the development team approach (DTA). The DTA can be defined as:

“The implementation of a more customer-orientated approach thereby making requirements clear, advertising the service well, and making the necessary staff available to discuss development projects at times to suit the customer”.

Above all, DTA means the establishment of more integrated, corporate working practices which allows divisions and external partners to work in unison on a more task orientated basis thus reducing the scope for giving conflicting advice.

The Development Team

For us, the creation of a dedicated development team will only apply to large or major development proposals. Pre-application enquiries relating to small scale development proposals will continue to be dealt with in accordance with practice note 7 – dealing with pre-application enquiries.

Further guidance for developers submitting major applications is contained in practice note 17.

Third Party Interests

In adopting the DTA, it is important that the interests of third parties are not compromised. As with all local authority service delivery, the process should be transparent at all times and all groups treated fairly and equally.