Site Visits, Meetings - Good House Keeping - Practice Note 2

A quality development management service relies as much upon effective and efficient processes and procedures as it does on thoroughly considered and well balanced planning decisions which contribute towards a safe and attractive environment. 

Open local government is about being transparent in decision making and this means that in addition to clear and concise reports on applications, systems and procedures should be open to scrutiny so that anyone, be it a member of the public or an auditor can pick up a file and follow the progress of an application in a logical way from registration through to determination.

It is vitally important that effective notes are made of meetings and site visits and that officer comments on pre-application enquiries are recorded on the appropriate planning file. This will assist all those inspecting a file to gain a clear impression of the site, strategic meetings held and the officers thought processes throughout the planning process.

This practice note is designed primarily to provide staff guidance on practice and procedures but is also available for external scrutiny. It updates and replaces a practice note adopted in September 1994 and was last updated in February 2008.