Publicity and Consultation on Planning Applications - Practice Note 3

Development management is principally concerned with processing planning applications.

If the council is to be effective, it is important that the public are aware of planning applications in their area and that they are able to have their say to influence the decision reached by the Local Planning Authority.

The Government places a number of statutory minimum requirements upon the council for publicity. It is the council’s policy to adhere to these statutory requirements and our practice to consult neighbours who share a common boundary with an application site directly, and to use site notices, press notices and additional letters as appropriate to inform others of a local development proposal.

In addition to the statutory publicity requirements, the council has adopted further provisions for notification and consultation which are set out below.

The Development Management team seeks to be consultative, open and transparent in dealing with planning applications.

The aim of this practice note is to both publicise our approach and to ensure consistency of action. Feedback is always welcome.