Public Speaking at Planning Committee Wyre Forest Procedures

This practice note explains the procedure for applicants (or agents), objectors and supporters to speak at Planning Committee meetings.  It is based on simple rules, which the council has formulated and developed over time in order to make the system as fair and easy to operate as possible. 

The right to address the Planning Committee is open only to:

  • third party objectors to the development
  • third party supporters of the development proposed
  • in the absence of any speakers in support of the development, and only where there is a speaker opposing the development, the applicant or his chosen representative.

The right to address the Planning Committee shall not be open to:

  • applicants or their representatives unless as a ‘right of reply’ as described above
  • statutory consultees (although these may from time to time be invited to address committee by the chairman)
  • parish councils (the parish council right to address committee is covered by the existing protocol which is described in the separate practice note No. 10).

All speakers addressing the Planning Committee will be required to follow the provisions outlined, failure to do so may invalidate the right to speak.