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Public Speaking at Planning Committee - Before The Meeting

Third parties will be advised of their right to speak at the Planning Committee when letters are sent to them notifying them of the receipt of a planning application and when site notices are posted. 

Anyone who submits a written representation regarding a planning application will have been written to to advise of the procedure for public speaking and the likely date that the committee will consider the application (if the application is to be considered by the committee).

It is advisable to check with the case officer regarding the actual committee date.

Any person wishing to speak on an application must:

  • notify the case officer dealing with the application in writing of your desire to speak, within 21 days of the date of the neighbour notification letter or press/site notice and
  • register your wish to speak with Democratic Services by telephoning 01562 732763 within the same 21 day time limit
  • submit your formal written objections in full to the case officer within the same 21 day time limit.  Any additional or amended objections can be submitted beyond the initial 21 day period.

Failure to register to speak (as described above) will mean that you will not be able to speak at committee and it may be that the application will be determined by officers under delegated powers.

If a third party has been advised that an application is not scheduled to be determined by the Planning Committee, and that person wishes to speak, it is important that they notify the case officer and register to speak within 21 days of the date of the neighbour notification letter or press/site notice (as set out above)

Interested persons wishing to speak will only be allowed to do so if they have submitted their comments in writing to the case officer dealing with the application

Only one person will be allowed to speak against and one person in support of a proposal

The applicant or agent will only have the ‘right to reply’ to third party objectors but will not have the right to speak if there are no other third party speakers, nor if there is a third party already speaking in support

Where more than one request to speak against or in support of a proposal has been received the right to speak will be offered to the first person to register their wish to speak whose property has a boundary adjoining the proposal site. In all other cases the right to speak will be offered on a “first come, first served basis”.  Anyone registering to speak who does not meet these criteria will be given the name of the person who is going to speak so that they might co-ordinate their views into a single response. Ultimately the development manager and the solicitor to the council will decide who will be allowed to speak in the event of a disagreement.

If you have registered to speak, you will be advised in writing by Democratic Services whether you have the right to speak prior to the relevant committee meeting.  If you wish to telephone to check please do not do so until a week before the committee meeting.

Anyone registering to speak but finding themselves unable to attend the meeting should let Democratic Services know as soon as possible.

All people expressing a wish to speak at committee will be notified to the chairman of the Planning Committee at his briefing with officers prior to the meeting.  At that time the running order of items on the agenda will be agreed so as to enable those involving public speaking to be considered first on their respective parts of the agenda.