Public Speaking at Planning Committee


The Government, and those participating in the planning process, have maintained a continuing desire to achieve greater openness and transparency, improve accountability and to engage the community more in the planning process.   One area where this can be achieved is by enabling third parties to take part in the decision making process and to address the council’s Planning Committee through a scheme of public speaking. 

Legal Background

Through the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015, Local Planning Authorities have a duty to publicise certain applications.  Local Planning  Authorities have a duty to consider any representation made as part of the process of determining applications.  Although Article 6 of the Human Rights Act secures individuals the right to a fair and public hearing, there is no statutory requirement to allow third parties, other consultees or applicants to address Members of the Planning Committee as part of the process of determining planning applications.  Wyre Forest District Council, however, recognises that it is as a mark of good practice to allow such public speaking at committee.