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Public Access to Planning Files and Information Wyre Forest Procedures

Planning Register

The planning register is in two parts:

  • Copies of all current applications including plans, supporting information and environmental statements. Viewable either via our website or at the Wyre Forest Customer Service Centre. 
  • Copies of all decisions and planning obligations (Section 106 Agreements) taken on past applications. The more recent records are held on our computer system and viewable via our website. The older records are held in paper copy and are viewable by appointment at Wyre Forest House.

Copies of all documents held on the planning register, including the planning application form, plans and supporting documents (not protected by copyright as published works) may be made in accordance with prevailing copying charges. See copies of documents below.

Historic Planning Files

Planning files are usually kept as a paper record for 5 years after which they are microfiched or scanned onto CD. You may inspect paper copies of determined applications at the Wyre Forest Customer Service Centre or by appointment at Wyre Forest House up to 5 years from the year of the decision. After 5 years a copy of the microfiche record or CD can be inspected in at Wyre Forest House by appointment. Copies can be made of most plans and documents subject to the prevailing charges. There is no charge for inspecting the documents. If you wish to view any fiches or files, please contact the Wyre Forest Customer Service Centre on 01562 732928. 24 hours notice must be given to view any files or fiches.

Current of 'Live' Planning Files

The officer’s case file is not a public document. The register copy is the only document which should be referred to by either the applicant or the public until the working file becomes a public document.

The working file and all correspondence on it which is not clearly marked ‘confidential’ forms a background document to the planning agenda. The planning file with the agenda may be inspected by prior appointment during office hours. In order to avoid undue work immediately prior to a committee meeting, when files are boxed, applicants and objectors alike will usually be advised that it would not be convenient to inspect a working file or to have copies until after the committee meeting or a decision has been reached (delegated items), whichever is appropriate. 

Copies of Documents 

Taking photocopies of ‘live’ planning applications with plans and register entries for members of the public is not strictly permissible unless it is to enable the material to be inspected at a more convenient time and place (i.e. to assist an infirm or elderly person in inspecting an application which might affect them). However, in practice if a member of the public wishes to have a copy of an application form or plan accompanying a ‘live’ planning application held on the planning register, then this may be copied to enable them to scrutinise the plans more closely at home, to show the plans to a relative or neighbour or to a group of local residents. A copying charge at the prevailing rate may be made to cover costs depending on the amount of copying required.

Under no circumstances should copies of plans be provided to be used in support of any other application for planning permission, or otherwise.

Alternatively, plans may be loaned overnight by prior arrangement with the case officer to local interest groups such as resident associations wishing to discuss and comment upon a planning application.

Items that may be copied:

  • Planning application plans held on planning register
  • Planning applications, plans (when background papers), decisions and directions, not published works, i.e. supplementary reports of private firms or individuals as the copyright rests with them 
  • Notification applications
  • Lists of Listed Buildings
  • Environmental statements
  • Enforcement and Stop Notices
  • Applications of Certificates of Lawfulness
  • Applications for works to trees (including Tree Preservation Orders)
  • Applications for Hazardous Substances Consents
  • Pre-inquiry statements and other supporting documents but not Proofs of Evidence until the day of the inquiry
  • Committee reports and agendas - these can be seen and copied 3 days before the relevant committee together with any ‘background papers’ except exempt information. N.B. Enforcement Committee agendas are nearly always entirely exempt and are not open to inspection 
  • Committee minutes unless in the exempt information section of the committee.

Items that cannot be copied:

  • Published works (copyright specified)
  • Listed Building and Conservation Area consent applications
  • Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Section 78(1) Appeal written representation statements – until these have been sent to the Planning Inspectorate in the case of Wyre Forest submissions or after the appeal decision in all other cases.

Where a copy of plans is made, the plans will be stamped as follows:-

“This copy has been made by or with the authority of Wyre Forest District Council pursuant to Section 47 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (‘the Act’). Unless the Act provides a relevant exception to copyright, the copy must not be copied without the permission of the copyright owner.”

Requests for plans to be sent through the post can only be accommodated upon prior receipt of any necessary charges. For the purposes of neighbour consultation, the 21 days runs with the original notification and not receipt of the plans.

Supply Of Ordnance Survey Maps For Submission To The Council

We no longer participate in the Ordnance Survey’s map return scheme. Instead these can be obtained direct from the Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centres. For details of your nearest centre or to order maps on-line visit www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite or contact Wyre Forest Customer Service Centre on 01562 732928.

Use Of Digital Cameras

The use of any photographic equipment, including camera phones to copy
documents viewed at Wyre Forest House or at the Wyre Forest Customer Service Centre is
prohibited and anyone found using a camera for such purposes will be required to


Confidential matters will be held separately on the planning file in a red wallet which
is removed from the file prior to public inspection and returned afterwards.

Confidential information will include:

  • Financial and personal information so defined by applicants
  • Objectors’ letters so defined 
  • Pre-application enquiries relating to the site defined as confidential
  • Confidential notes of meetings or memoranda

Faxing Policy

Where a request is made to fax a document which would otherwise attract a copying charge it is our policy not to fax the document.

Charging Policy

We have an agreed list of charges for copying which is reviewed from time to time.  Copies when appropriate, are available free up to a cumulative single transaction value of £10 for individuals (the discretion of the head of service is applied in cases of multiple separate transactions) and charged at full cost to representatives of professional and for commercial companies. It is our policy not to post a document until the charge if required has been received in full.