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Parish Representations at Planning Committee - Wyre Forest Procedures

Participating parish councils shall have signed up to this protocol before exercising their rights to be heard.

One member of a participating parish council or/or the Mayor of Kidderminster or his/her representative shall represent the parish and shall be permitted to address the Planning (Development Control) Committee on any application upon which they have formally been consulted subject to:

  • Notification in writing to the development manager, or by telephone no later than 21 days after the valid date as specified on the consultation sheet for the application.
  • The presentation shall take place immediately after the officer comments, unless there are third party speakers when the member will speak after the objector and the supporter/applicant/agent.
  • The presentation shall be confined to the matters raised in the written consultation response made by the parish council and no new arguments or factual information shall be introduced.
  • A time limit of up to five minutes being placed on the presentation.
  • No questions being addressed to the officers or members of Planning Committee at the meeting.
  • Members being able to put questions to parish councillors
  • The parish councillor, having been heard shall take no further part in the debate and shall not have right of reply or to sum up.
  • The parish councillor shall not be entitled to vote on the applications to be decided.
  • A Wyre Forest District Council member may represent a parish council or the Mayor of Kidderminster under this protocol or they may speak to the Planning Committee as a member of that committee but they may not do both on the same item.
  • No parish councillor or Mayor of Kidderminster may speak to the Planning Committee if they have an interest in that application. Any such interest shall be declared at the beginning of the meeting.
  • The chairman’s ruling on any matter affecting this protocol shall be final

Background Documents

Town And Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995