Dealing with Pre Apps - Guidance Note 7

Wyre Forest District Council, as Local Planning Authority, wishes to be open and accessible to our customers.

The Wyre Forest Development Control Charter makes it very clear that preapplication discussions are positively encouraged.

Early talks can make the planning process itself easier on both sides.

It is an opportunity for applicants to clarify outstanding issues and check on Development Plan policies. It is also an opportunity for Development Control officers to seek amendments to improve the design or neighbourliness of a proposal at an early stage.

Pre-application discussions can both improve the quality of the outcome, i.e. what is eventually built and help us to process an application quicker.

Development Managment deal with thousands of pre-application enquiries each year. These enquiries range from a quick phone call to check whether planning permission is necessary; through an exchange of formal correspondence on relatively straight forward matters to exhaustive meetings on large scale developments.

It is our aim to be open and approachable, and professional planning staff are available at the Wyre Forest Customer Service Centre during limited hours via a duty rota system, or at Wyre Forest House by appointment to discuss proposals informally, and where required in confidence.

For pre-application enquiries relating to ‘major’ development proposals within the district please also refer to practice note 15 on the development team approach. Further guidance is also available to developers submitting major applications in practice note 17.