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June 2019 Updates

Wyre Forest Infrastructure Delivery Plan June 2019 (2687K)

An Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) was produced in May 2017 by the Council in liaison with Worcestershire County Council and other infrastructure providers. This was for the Local Plan Review Preferred Options stage. This has been updated in June 2019 for the Pre-Submission stage. The IDP explains the infrastructure requirements of the development proposals contained in the draft Local Plan.

Pre Submission Viability Note June 2019 (334K)

The Council commissioned HDH Planning & Development Ltd. to produce a Viability Study in May 2017. This study was updated in October 2018 for the Local Plan Pre-Submission stage, an additional document was added in June 2019. The Viability Assessment tests the overall viability of the Local Plan in respect of the policies and proposals contained within the draft Plan.

Transport Evidence June 2019 (11161K)

Blakedown Station Car Park Options June 2019 (1724K)

A450 Corridor Enhancement Report June 2019 (4774K)

A transport modelling study has been prepared for the Local Plan Pre-Submission stage. This was undertaken by Worcestershire County Council and Jacobs consultants in June 2019 and includes Transport Evidence, Blakedown Station Car Park Options and A450 Corridor Enhancement Report.

Previous Versions

Wyre Forest District Infrastructure Delivery Plan (May 2017) (916K)

Local Plan Viability Assessment Update (October 2018) (5,277K)

Wyre Forest District Viability Study May 2017  (19,183K)

Evidence predating preparation of the Local Plan Review

Wyre Forest District Infrastructure Delivery Plan

An Infrastructure Delivery Plan has been produced to look at current infrastructure provision and future infrastructure requirements arising from the development levels within the Adopted Core Strategy.

View the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (2012) (3.52MB)

Hoobrook Link Road Pre-Feasibility Study

The need for a road link in the Hoobrook area of Kidderminster was identified in the preparatory works undertaken to inform the Wyre Forest Local Development Framework. A pre-feasibility study was commissioned by Worcestershire County Council.

View the Hoobrook Link Road Pre-Feasibility Study (8,347K)

Community Facilities Audit

A Community Facilities Audit has been undertaken to identify the community facilities which exist within Wyre Forest District.

View the Community Facilities Audit (2009) (8.07MB)

The report was updated in October 2012 to reflect changes in national planning guidance.  View the Update Report (2012)(1.71MB)

Technical Research Paper

Worcestershire County Council have produced a technical research paper focussing on renewable energy.

View Planning for Renewable Energy in Worcestershire, Technical Research Paper(2009) (1,801K)

Infrastructure Requirements within Worcestershire arising from the RSS Phase 2 Preferred Option Growth Levels

Worcestershire County Council commissioned Baker Associates and TPI Consultants to undertake a study of the infrastructure requirements for Worcestershire up to 2026 arising from the growth levels specified in the RSS Phase 2 Preferred Option.

View the study of infrastructure requirements (2009) (2,277K)

Renewable Energy Study

Worcestershire County Council commissioned consultants IT Power to undertake a study, providing calculations of potential levels of wind, biomass and hydro resources. The study also maps potential broad locations for each technology and suggests a County-level target for energy that could be harnessed from renewable sources. It should be noted that the study remains technical evidence, and the County Council has not endorsed either the levels or the locations of renewable energy development in Worcestershire. Further information on renewable energy can be found on the Worcestershire County Council website.

View Worcestershire County Council Renewable Energy Study (2008)(Prepared by IT Power consultants) (7,912K)