Charges for Information Not Available From Public Records

The Government has concluded that charging a fee for a personal search of the Local Land Charge Register is incompatible with the Environmental Information Regulations 2004(EIR) and the underlying 2003 EU Directive. Following this conclusion the Government is revoking the current fee by amending the Local Land Charges Rules 1977. The amendment came into force on the 17th August 2010, in light of this decision Wyre Forest District Council has ceased to charge this fee with immediate effect.

In the case that a fee has been wrongly charge by the Council, consideration will be given to a refund where a valid and justified claim can be made and substantiated. Each case will depend on its own facts; however Wyre Forest District Council has noted that a search agent who has previously passed on the cost of the fee to its customer might be unjustly enriched by a successful claim for a refund.

Enquires in this regard should be directed in writing to Local Land Charges, Economic Prosperity and Place, Wyre Forest District Council, Wyre Forest House, Finepoint Way, Kidderminster, Worcs. DY11 7WF