A Blakedown resident who allowed her barking dogs to cause a nuisance to neighbours has been fined £350 by the Magistrates’ Court. 

Following complaints from neighbours, officers from Worcestershire Regulatory Services served a noise nuisance abatement notice.

Noise monitoring equipment was installed in the resident’s property on two occasions but she failed to keep her dogs quiet so two breaches of the notice were recorded.

On the first occasion the noise monitoring equipment picked up excessive and loud barking. More complaints were received so noise monitoring equipment was installed again. The barking continued and after ignoring repeated warnings to keep the noise down, formal action was taken.

On Thursday 18 February, she was fined a total of £350 by the Magistrates’ Court and also ordered to pay a combined victim surcharge of £64 and costs of £350 for both breaches.

Deputy Leader of Wyre Forest District Council, and Cabinet Member with responsibility for enforcement Councillor Helen Dyke said: “Our legal team and colleagues at Worcestershire Regulatory Services have worked really hard on this case.

“The resident ignored repeated warnings about the level of nuisance being caused to her neighbours. On one occasion noise monitoring equipment picked up 813 incidents of excessively loud barking over a ten-hour period.

“Hopefully this will serve as a warning to others that they must be considerate of others and should not ignore official warnings, or they will face the consequences of legal action.”