New Development Notes

Before you begin the New development online form, please read these notes:

  • Please complete all mandatory fields. Submission of an incomplete form WILL result in the form not being processed.
  • Please ensure you have allocated enough time to fill out the form which could take approximately 15 minutes.
  • Please view our advice policy note on street naming and property numbering procedures.
  • Please provide confirmation work has started or when work will be starting on site.
  • Please upload a Location Plan clearly identifying the new scheme in relation to any existing streets or means of access.
  • Please provide a final approved detailed plan of the development clearly marked with the plots, units, apartments or flat numbers of the proposed scheme (for multiple addresses).
  • Please provide the approved planning application number (if applicable).
  • Proposed building name for a new property, if applicable. However, if a street is numbered a new property will be required to be numbered into the street.
  • Please view the schedule of fees.
  • We will notify you in 5 working days about your application. Please do not contact us before that period.