Filthy or Verminous Properties

If you are concerned about a pest control problem on your property please visit Worcestershire Regulatory Services for advice as free treatment for rats, mice, and cockroaches is provided for residents on certain benefits. Further information on pest contol on your property is also available from

What are filthy and verminous premises?

A property which is considered filthy and verminous is one which is harmful to health or a nuisance. This may be due to a rat or mice infestation or an accumulation of rotting food and rubbish which may also be giving rise to an odour.

Problems may also be caused by hygiene problems for example, the toilet may be blocked and overflowing causing odour and flies and a further risk to health.

What do I do if I’m concerned about the condition of a property?

If you have any concerns regarding a house which you believe could be filthy and/or verminous then -

How will the Council secure cleansing of the premises?

An officer will carry out an inspection of the premises. If it is found that the property is filthy and/or verminous, then discussions with the owner will take place and hopefully an agreement will be made to remove all rubbish and articles and thoroughly cleanse the property. If the owner fails to comply, we can serve a statutory notice requiring the owner of the property to cleanse the property and remove all rubbish and filthy articles.

We will work with other statutory agencies to help people in need, for example social services and health services.

Failure to comply with the requirements of the notice may result in either prosecution for non-compliance or the Local Authority carrying out the works in default (i.e. appointing a contractor) and recovering the costs back from the owner.