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My Tax and Benefits

My Tax and Benefits is no longer available. Existing users have been contacted by email. We are in the process of finding another system and will update here when available.

You can still -

  • Check your council tax balance
  • Make payments
  • Notify us of changes to your circumstances/household
  • Sign up to direct debit
  • Apply for discounts and exemptions

From our Council Tax or Benefits pages.

Alternatively you can contact us by email, by phone or visit us in person.

You can set up Direct Debits online and view details of:

  • Council Tax  
  • Business Rates
  • Housing Benefits  
  • Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Log in to your account to view your details

You will need the log in details we sent you in the post to log in, please change your password to something you can remember when you log in for the first time.

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What can I use the system for?

If you receive Housing Benefit and or Council Tax Reduction Scheme from Wyre Forest District Council, you can use My Tax & Benefits to:

  • View details regarding your benefit entitlement
  • Check when a benefit payment is due
  • Check for benefit already paid and when the payments were made
  • Send a message to benefit staff
  • Use online forms report a change in your circumstances
  • Use online forms to request a discretionary housing payment

If you pay Council Tax or Business Rates to Wyre Forest District Council, you can use My Tax & Benefits to:

  • Check when your Council Tax or Business Rates are due
  • Check the balance outstanding on your account(s) to include any costs incurred due to recovery action being taken
  • Check what discounts are being applied to your account
  • Change your payment method to Direct Debit
  • Use the online forms to report any changes to your household
  • Apply for a discount or exemption online

Want to make a payment towards Council Tax, Business Rates or an outstanding Housing Benefit Overpayment? Use our online payment system 

I am a landlord – How can I use the system?

You can use the system to check any payments of Housing Benefit which is paid directly to you. Once you have registered, and received your user name and password, you will be able to:

  • Check when a payment is due
  • Check what payments have already paid to you
  • Advise us if your tenant moves out of your property or of any changes to your tenants circumstances which you become aware of and think that it may effect their benefit entitlement

Is the system Secure?

Information held in My Tax & Benefits will only be used in order to process your Council Tax and/or Business Rate Account / Housing Benefit and or Council Tax Reduction Scheme Claim. The information held is stored in a secure, encrypted database. Encryption is the process that securely scrambles information for your protection.