A-Z of Services


 Network Filter  Network Filter
If your PC is behind a high security network, you may have to ask the network administrator for permission to release the file.
 Guest User Access  Guest User Access
If you click on the code certificate, but the software does not install, it is likely that the person who set up your computer (for example, IT support staff) has only given you "guest" access to your system. An administrator will be able to install this software for you.
 Part1  Within IE 6 and IE 7, make sure within the Internet options, advanced tab, the 'Allow active content to run in files on My Computer' has been selected.
 Part2  Press OK

When you first run VMP Forms, you must install the I-32 Active-X server components.

You should now be able to load any VMP Form
 Part3  Note: IE6 will have a similar layout and the setting should be identical.
Within IE7, you must make sure the following security options have been selected within Tools, Internet Options, Security tab, Custom level
 Part4  Make sure all of the following options have been configured correctly

 Part5  B)
 Part 6  C)