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Making a Claim for Council Tax Reduction Scheme or Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme provide financial help for those on low incomes who rent their homes and/or who are also liable to pay Council tax.

Before you make a claim

Before you actually make a claim, see what information we will need from you and when your benefit will be paid.


Make a Claim

Apply online for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction Scheme, Discretionary Housing Payments or Council Tax Support Fund


Benefit Cap

The benefit cap only applies to working age claimants. Find out how the Benefit Cap may affect you


Non Dependant Deductions

Find out how any benefit or Council Tax Reduction Scheme may be affected by non dependant deductions



As a registered childminder, you may be able to claim help towards your rent and/or council tax.


Universal Credit

If you are eligible to apply for Universal Credit your Housing Benefit will be included as part of your claim but you will still need to apply for Council Tax Reduction Scheme


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