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Moving Home and Other Changes

Change of Circumstances

If you are not in receipt of benefits and you wish to let us know of a change of address for Council Tax purposes you can -

If you are claiming for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction Scheme and anything changes in your circumstances (including changes to income, people, including children, moving in or out of your house) you must advise us -

Moving Home?

You must inform us if you move home. You can complete a change of address form at any of the customer services centres in the area or -

You may do this before you actually move as long as you have all of the details of the new property. However, If you move out of Wyre Forest you should contact the local authority in your new area to apply for benefit.

Do you have to pay rent on two properties?

Housing Benefit is only paid for the property you are living in.  However, you may be able to have your rent paid on both properties in certain cases.

Overlapping Benefit?

You may still be entitled to Housing Benefit for a maximum of four weeks on a property you have vacated if:

  1. Your landlord is still charging you rent
  2. You have moved to a new home other than a temporary home and
  3. You can prove it was unavoidable to pay rent on both homes.

Benefit for a period before moving in? (also known as benefit prior to occupation)

If you have to pay rent from your tenancy commencement date to the date you moved in, you may qualify for Benefit prior to occupation.  The delay in moving must have been:
  • necessary in order to adapt the dwelling to meet the disabled needs of you or a member of your family
  • because you are waiting for a social fund payment to meet a need arising out of the move or in connection with setting up the home and, a family member must be aged 5 or under, or your applicable amount includes one of the following premiums - Pensioner, Enhanced Pensioner, Higher Pensioner, Disability, Severe Disability or a Disabled Child Premium
  • because you became liable to make payments in respect of the dwelling while you were in hospital or a residential home.
However, even when the above conditions are met for b) or c), benefit cannot be paid if you had to pay rent on a previous property immediately prior to the tenancy commencing at your new address. Slightly different criteria apply to victims of domestic violence.

To qualify you must apply to the Local Authority within four weeks of moving in to your new home.

This information is for guidance only. It does not cover all the rules for all the benefits for every situation, nor does it provide a full interpretation of the rules. It should not be treated as a complete and authoritative statement of the law.