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Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit provides financial help for those on low incomes who rent their homes and/or who are also liable to pay Council tax.

Universal Credit is replacing Housing Benefits for all new claimants from 14th November 2018.  New housing benefit claims can only be accepted for the following groups of people:

  • You or your partner are of state pension age; or
  • You are living in specified accommodation; or
  • You have been placed in temporary accommodation by the council;

If you already get Universal Credit, housing costs will be included as part of your monthly Universal Credit payment so you cannot make a separate application for Housing Benefit. You will still need to apply for Council Tax Reduction.  Further information is available from www.gov.uk 

The amount of Housing Benefit paid depends on your household circumstances and income.

Please note: if you make a claim for Housing Benefit from Wednesday 14 November 2018 when you are not in an eligible group your claim will be rejected when it is processed and you will be directed to claim Universal Credit. This may delay your application for Universal Credit and could delay the start of your claim.