Certain adults can be disregarded when working out Council Tax. If you think you, or any of the adults (18+) living in the property, fit any of these criteria complete an application and submit it with the necessary proofs and we will contact you to let you know if you qualify for a discount on your Council Tax. 

Please note: without supporting evidence we will not be able to process your application. 

Disablement relief

In certain circumstances, we will reduce the amount of council tax you have to pay if any member of the household is severely and permanently disabled.

In order to qualify for this reduction, the property must have at least one of the following features:

  • a room other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet which the disabled person uses and needs
  • an extra bathroom or kitchen needed for the disabled person
  • sufficient floor space indoors to allow for use of a wheelchair which is needed by the disabled person.

If you qualify for disability reduction then your bill may be reduced to the band below your current band. If your property is a Band A property you will be charged at a rate equivalent to five ninths of a Band D charge.

To apply for this reduction please contact us to arrange a visit.