When we will arrange a burial

By law, we have a duty to arrange the cremation or burial of the body of any person who has died or been found dead only in the district of Wyre Forest, where the deceased has no relatives and it appears that no suitable arrangements have been or are being made. This typically occurs when there is no living relative to organise matters.

If a person has died in hospital, the funeral arrangements are made by that hospital and not by us.

Unfortunately, no assistance is available from us if the funeral has already taken place.

Before arrangements for the funeral are made, the death needs to be registered. In the first instance the home of the deceased will be searched for a Will in order to find details of any interested parties and to locate funds to pay for the funeral.  If details of friends and relatives are found they will be contacted and informed of the funeral arrangements.

A basic service is provided and costs involved, including officer time are recovered from any estate.  Any belongings will also be disposed of and any money raised used to finance the costs incurred.

Other assistance that may be available

Relatives of the deceased individual or others who take responsibility for arranging matters may be eligible for funding. For further information relating to funding you will need to contact the local benefits office (Jobcentre Plus) requesting information in relation to Funeral Payments (ask for form SP200), alternatively you can apply online at www.gov.uk.  This is normally preferable to any relatives or others who wish to influence the arrangements that are made as we will only act to provide a very basic service.

Independent, impartial help with planning a funeral can be found at www.funeralmap.co.uk which lists funeral directors, crematoria, open cemeteries, woodland burial sites, bereavement support organisations, memorial masons and registrars offices across the UK.

Estates that are solvent are usually referred to the Treasury Solicitor who administers the Estates of persons who die intestate without known kin.

For further information please contact a member of the Private Sector Housing Team on 01562 732928.

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