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Property Matching MapKidderminster

Land – Pineridge Drive, Kidderminster – Open Space (Ref. OS61031)
Land – Wordsworth Crescent, Kidderminster – Open Space (Ref. OS61032)
Land – Belvedere Crescent, Kidderminster – Open Space (Ref. OS61033)
Land – Corner Coventry Street/Lion Street, Kidderminster – Parcel of land (Ref. OP22K24)
Land – Park Lane, Kidderminster – Parcel of land (Ref. OP22K28)
Land – Adjacent to Stourport Road – Parcel of land (Ref. OP22K32)
Land – Adjacent to Netto/Asda Car Park, Kidderminster – Open space (Ref. OP22K32)


Land – Foundry Street, Stourport – Open space adjacent to canal (Ref. OP22S18)
Land – Pearl Lane, Stourport (off Chiltern Close) Ref: OS61049


Public conveniences – Load Street Car Park, Bewdley – Public toilets (Ref. PC31105)
Land – Westbourne Street, Bewdley – Open space (Ref. OS61014)
Land – off Lingfield Road, Bewdley – Open space (Ref. OS61022)
Land – off Coniston Way, Bewdley – Open space (Ref. OS61023)
Land – Ellesmere Drive/Derwent Drive/Laxton Drive, Bewdley – Open space (Ref. OS61024/5/6)
Land – Sandy Bank, Bewdley – Elevated wooded embankment (Ref. OP22B02)
Land – Richmond Road, Bewdley – Narrow elevated wooded verge (Ref. OP22B04)
Land – The Park, off Park Alley, High Street, Bewdley – Open space to rear of scout hut (Ref. OP22B18)


Public Convenience, Arley, Public Toilet, Toilet block


Land – Drakelow Lane, Wolverley – Open space (Ref. OP22R03)
Land – Lea Lane, Wolverley – Open Space (Ref. OP22R04)

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