Community Right To Bid (Assets of Community Value)

Fancy running a local shop or pub? In autumn 2012, the Community Right to Bid for assets came into force. This means that individuals and groups have the chance to prepare and bid to buy community buildings and facilities that are important to them.

The purpose of the Community Right to Bid is to give local communities a right to identify a building or land that is considered to be of value to their social wellbeing (an asset of community value) and gives them an equal opportunity to make a bid to buy the property on the open market if the owner decides to sell.

Only eligible community groups, local town and parish councils, local neighbourhood planning forums, voluntary organisations and charities can nominate a building or land to be placed on the list. Once a nomination has been made the District Council officers, will check to make sure that the building or land has met the eligibility criteria.

For a building/land to be eligible its current main use must further the social interests or social wellbeing of the local community and it must be realistic to think that such a use can continue, or a use in the recent past must have furthered the social interests or social wellbeing of the local community and it must be realistic to think it could be brought back into such use within the next five years. Examples of assets that would be eligible include:

Then based on the officers decision the nominated land or building will or will not be placed on the list. Either way the Council Officer has the duty to inform, - both the owner of the land and the people/organisation who nominated the land, - of their decision and reasons why.

View diagram showing the process of the Community Right to Bid. This is the required process in which the Community Right to Bid has to follow.

If you know of a community group or organisation etc. or are part of one

To view any assets of land / buildings that are available to community groups to be nominated to be listed on the Community Right to Bid Assets List, view Wyre Forest's Property Matching Forum.

View the Assets of Community Value Register

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