Community Leadership Fund

The Community Leadership Fund is for all councillors to have the opportunity to support worthwhile initiatives, projects and activities of their choice.

  1. Each councillor has been allocated £1000 (one thousand pounds) to support worthwhile initiatives, projects and activities that will benefit their wards. The accountability for decisions rests with individual councillors – they know what best meets the needs of local residents. However as public money is involved, there are some simple conditions to follow. Some of these conditions exist in order to minimise the cost of administering grants paid from the fund and also in order to avoid conflict with the council’s statutory duties.
  2. The minimum allocation for any organisation is £200. Thus each councillor can support up to five initiatives, projects or activities. The council cannot afford the cost of administering large numbers of small payments.
  3. Councillors can work with other councillors to pool their grants – for example, three councillors might each choose to allocate £200, £500 or £1000 to the same organisation.
  4. Allocations do not have to be to an organisation located in the councillor’s ward but the organisation does have to be located in Wyre Forest. The councillor will know best whether an activity, project or initiative undertaken elsewhere in Wyre Forest will nevertheless be of benefit to local residents.
  5. Organisations should have a clear legal identity. We do not require any evidence of the nature of the organisation if it is a registered charity or statutory body (such as town and parish councils or the Kidderminster Charter Trustees). In the case of organisations which are not charities or statutory bodies, evidence of incorporation will be required, such as registration as a company or articles of association / constitution for an unincorporated body (such as a community group). It is the councillor’s responsibility to ensure that the council is provided with a copy of these documents where relevant – no payment of grant will be made without them.
  6. Payments will be made by BACS only which means that we need to know the sort code, account name and account number of the organisation. A written receipt signed by the treasurer or other appropriate office holder of the organisation will be required.
  7. Grants cannot be given for the following purposes:
    • to individual members of the public;
    • to organisations that are or may be perceived to be political parties or whose principal role is to undertake political campaigning, including campaigning against agreed policies and priorities of Wyre Forest District Council;
    • to organisations of a religious character where the grant would be, or would reasonably be perceived to be, for promoting the religion. For example, grants could not be given for a youth camp for members of a chapel or to improve a church building. Churches and other religious organisations are eligible for grants for activities that are demonstrably for the benefit of the wider community, such as running a shelter for homeless people or organising an updated community games event or street party which will be open to all local residents;
    • to organisations which promote or are perceived to promote criminal behaviour, including terrorism;
    • to organisations whose policies (including membership policies) discriminate against people on grounds of gender, race, disability, age or sexual orientation. Single sex organisations are not therefore eligible for support.
  8. Grants may be given for revenue or capital projects, including contributions towards building projects or purchase of equipment. It does not matter if the activity or project has already been undertaken or lies in the future.
  9. Councillors must allocate their funding no later than 31 December in the yer it is allocated. This is to encourage timely spending of the fund, and so that any publicity will be undertaken well before the “purdah period” for elections in May of the following year.
  10. The council media office will issue press releases about the allocations made by councillors and will involve councillors in any photographs and in quotations about their decisions. It is important that councillors do not seek to gain party political publicity for their decisions, especially if this could be seen as electioneering. How to make your allocations.

This years allocations are below.


Councillors received £1000 for 2020/21

CouncillorDateOrganisationSupplier IDAmountRemaining funds left to spend
Ballinger, Graham 13/07/2020 Wyre Forest Dial A Ride 10027 £200.00 £800.00
Ballinger, Graham 13/07/2020 Franche Sports and Social Club 55072 £226.25 £573.75
Ballinger, Graham 20/08/2020 Habberley Estate Tenants Association 55094 £200.00 £373.75
Ballinger, Graham 05/10/2020 Kidderminster & District Youth Trust 53563 £200.00 £173.75
Ballinger, Graham 13/10/2020 Int. Trf. Re Upkeep of White Wickets bike track Int. Trf. £173.75 £0.00
Barnett, Claire 09/10/2020 Stourport Town Council 2687 £300.00 £700.00
Caufield, Vicky 15/04/2020 WFCAB 12452 £200.00 £800.00
Caufield, Vicky 26/06/2020 HELP 54791 £200.00 £600.00
Caufield, Vicky 06/07/2020 Wyre Forest School - holiday club 53256 £200.00 £400.00
Caufield, Vicky 07/07/2020 Greatfield Small Animal Rescue 55057 £200.00 £200.00
Coleman, Anna 27/04/2020 Rock Parish Council 43716 £200.00 £800.00
Coleman, Anna 23/07/2020 Upper Arley Parish Council 10930 £200.00 £600.00
Coleman, Anna 23/07/2020 Bewdley Town Council 11965 £600.00 £0.00
Coleman, Roger 30/04/2020 Severn Area Rescue Association 50313 £200.00 £800.00
Coleman, Roger 23/07/2020 Bewdley Town Council 10930 £400.00 £400.00
Coleman, Roger 23/07/2020 Rock Parish Council 11965 £200.00 £200.00
Coleman, Roger 24/07/2020 Upper Arley Parish Council 43716 £200.00 £0.00
Dawes, Bernice 01/10/2020 Stourport Town Council - Christmas lights 12687 £250.00 £750.00
Dawes, Bernice 01/10/2020 Stourport Town Council - paddling pools 12687 £250.00 £500.00
Griffiths, Susie 02/04/2020 WFCAB 12452 £226.25 £773.75
Griffiths, Susie 15/04/2020 HELP 54791 £200.00 £573.75
Griffiths, Susie 04/05/2020 Franche Community Church 40740 £200.00 £373.75
Griffiths, Susie 16/06/2020 Worth Unlimted Kidderminster 54982 £200.00 £173.75
Griffiths, Susie 23/07/2020 Franche Sports and Social Club 55072 £173.75 £0.00
Hardiman, Ian 16/06/2020 Chaddesley Parish Council 53568 £200.00 £800.00
Hardiman, Ian 23/07/2020 Stone Parish Council 82108 £200.00 £600.00
Hardiman, Ian 19/10/2020 Chaddesley Corbett Primary School 51584 £200.00 £400.00
Hart, Marcus 07/07/2020 Chaddesley Parish Council 53568 £200.00 £800.00
Hart, Marcus 09/09/2020 Broome Parish Council 11665 £200.00 £600.00
Henderson, Ken 01/10/2020 Stourport Town Council - Christmas lights 12687 £500.00 £500.00
Henderson, Ken 01/10/2020 The Civic Group 51470 £500.00 £0.00
Jones, Lisa 04/09/2020 Stone Parish Council 82108 £200.00 £800.00
Jones, Lisa 04/09/2020 Chaddesley Corbett Parish Council 55109 £200.00 £600.00
Jones, Lisa 19/10/2020 Rushock Parish Council 45839 £200.00 £400.00
L'Hullier, Anna 20/08/2020 Friends of Franche and Habberley 54936 £1000.00 £0.00
Martin, Nicky 02/06/2020 WFCAB 12452 £250.00 £750.00
Oborski, Fran 15/04/2020 HELP 54791 £250.00 £750.00
Onslow, Tracey 14/04/2020 WFCAB 12452 £1000.00 £0.00
Rayner, Mary 16/04/2020 WFCAB 12452 £500.00 £500.00
Rayner, Mary 07/07/2020 Greatfield Small Animal Rescue 55057 £150.00 £350.00
Totty, Alan 05/11/2020 Offmore Primary School 54535 £200.00 £800.00
Totty, Alan 05/11/2020 The Pickup Artists 54624 £200.00 £600.00
Totty, Alan 05/11/2020 King of Hearts Creative Outreach 54979 £300.00 £300.00
Totty, Alan 05/11/2020 Offmore and Comberton Action Group 12736 £300.00 £0.00
Whitehouse, Leigh 15/04/2020 HELP 54791 £300.00 £700.00
Whitehouse, Leigh 16/04/2020 Midlands Air Ambulance 55000 £300.00 £400.00
Whitehouse, Leigh 20/08/2020 Habberley Estate Tenants Association 55094 £200.00 £200.00
Whitehouse, Leigh 09/09/2020 KEMP 14122 £100.00 £100.00
Young, Peter 02/06/2020 Horsefair and Proud 53953 £200.00 £800.00
Young, Peter 02/06/2020 HELP 54791 £200.00 £600.00
Young, Peter 02/06/2020 WFCAB 12452 £200.00 £400.00
Young, Peter 20/08/2020 Friends of Springfield Park 53578 £200.00 £200.00