Equality Impact Assessments

What is an Impact Assessment?

An Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) is a way of systematically and thoroughly assessing, and consulting on, the effects that a proposed policy is likely to have on people, depending on ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability and religion.

The philosophy behind the EqIA process is to ensure that every service and policy for, or delivered to, the general community is appropriate and accessible and does not, however unwittingly, disadvantage or discriminate against any group.  

The introduction of the Equality Duty in 2010 meant that public bodies now have a duty to consider all six strands of equality as well as protected characteristics.

As a result we now use a standardised Equality Impact Assessment Form (26K) in order to complete our Equality Impact Assessments.

Equality Impact Assessment Guidance.

Equality Impact Assessment Archive

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