Public Multi Agency Flood Plans

Multi Agency Flood Plans have been produced to aid multi-agency emergency response teams during river and surface water flood events.  Groundwater, foul sewage, water mains, reservoir and canal flooding are not covered within the plans.

The Multi Agency Flood Plans are jointly owned by the Local Resilience Forum (LRF) Worcestershire Severe Weather Group, and are maintained and updated by North Worcestershire Water Management.

These public versions of the plans have been specifically adapted for distribution to those outside of the LRF, and therefore do not contain any restricted or sensitive information.

The whole of North Worcestershire (Bromsgrove, Redditch & Wyre Forest) is covered within the plans, and each Parish has its own set of maps and flood risk summary sheet.

A variety of plans are referred to within this plan, and it should be noted that the Multi Agency Flood Plan does not supersede any other previous plans produced by the various organisations involved.