Dog controls consultation

Our consultation on the district's dog controls closed at 9am on Monday 15 June.

We have legal powers to impose restrictions across the district to tackle concerns and problems around dogs including dog fouling.

We are currently reviewing these controls (which are set out in something called a Public Space Protection Order, or PSPO) and we want to hear what residents, visitors and businesses affected by the restrictions think about them. We are particularly interested in hearing your views on dog fouling, dogs on leads, the exclusion of dogs from some areas and on a number of new proposed restrictions.

Extending the order will...

  • Require dog owners to clean up after their dog
  • Require dog owners to produce a means to pick up when requested to do so by an authorised officer.
  • Require dog owners to put their dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer.
  • Require dogs to be kept on a lead in certain areas.
  • Exclude dogs from certain areas.

We are also consulting on whether  new restrictions should be introduced.

These include:

  • Walking more dogs than is permitted at a time
  • Failure to keep a dog on a lead in a designated area – Stackpool, Springfield Park (link to map) and Hurcott Pool, Hurcott Woods (link to map)

This will apply to all land members of the public have access to within the district of Wyre Forest unless the land owners have stated otherwise.


District wide map

QE2 gardens

Kidderminster Cemetery

Hurcott Pools, Hurcott Woods

The Stackpool, Springfield Park