FAQS on Flood Grants

Council tax exemption

  • Will be for 3 months for any property where either flood water has entered or the property has had to be evacuated for a period of time.
  • The exemption will be applied by reducing the council tax bill for 2020/21 by this amount in the billing being sent out by the council tax team. So the person paying the council tax bill will be the beneficiary.
  • Will be applied upon confirmation by NWWM that the property has been affected in one of these ways. 
  • Will not be applied to empty properties or second homes.  Will be applied to holiday homes and caravans where council tax is paid claiming primary residence.
  • If residents are still out of their property due to flooding after the 3 month exemption period they should contact the council who will review if further support is available.
  • Will be applied automatically without need for application to any caravan paying council tax on the following sites: Walshes Caravan park, Stourport Caravan Park, Redstone Caravan Park, Lickhill Manor Caravan Park.

Community Fund

  • Community Fund Grant payment is £500 for household meeting all the criteria.
  • The Community Fund is separate to the Council Tax 3 months exemption that will be provided to affected properties.
  • Payable for any household where primary residence and flood water has entered the habitable area of the property. Holiday homes, second homes and empty properties are not eligible.
  • Payment will be to the householder, i.e. the tenant and not the landlord for rented accommodation.
  • Habitable area of property does not include a garage or garden building.
  • North Worcestershire Water management on behalf of Wyre Forest District Council will confirm location is known to be affected and details match any information already provided.
  • Wyre Forest District Council's Finance team will review bank details and payment is to either council tax payer or person that appears genuine and not a fraudulent application.
  • Not payable to persons who have had to evacuate but whose property has not been damaged/ affected by internal flooding. If in doubt we will ask for any photographic evidence they have on internal flooding and NWWM sense check and visit if appropriate to.
  • Exemption from council tax and the community fund grants are In relation to river flooding events in February 2020, not other sources of flooding that may have occurred at the same time.

Business rates exemption

  • Will be for 3 months for business property affected.
  • Business will either have had internal flood water or their business directly affected by flood water around the business impacting on customers accessing the business or resulting in them having to undertake clean up operation/ suspend their business activities completely for a period of time.

Business Grant

  • £2,500 for business affected internally affected or where externally affected, must demonstrate some costs to the business as well as business disruption in ability to trade.
  • Persons working from home do not automatically qualify for business grant.
  • If a business is run from a residential property, this will be considered on a case by case basis taking into account the business impact of the flooding.


  • Exemption from council tax or business rates and the community and business grants are In relation to river flooding events in February 2020, not other sources of flooding that may have occurred at the same time.
  • A claim cannot be made for business and residential grants at the same address. Unless the business is separately registered for business rates.