Additional Flood Relief Scheme

More than 300 households in Wyre Forest have been affected by the recent floods. £500 is being issued to all eligible homes and we are now moving into a second phase of funding. 

This second phase of flood relief funding is intended to support households who have been affected the most.  This support does not have a standard award of funds as the needs of each applicant will be assessed individually and awards made on that assessment.  This is not a compensation scheme. It is of a discretionary nature and is subject to the availability of funding. 

The decision of the grant panel is final and it reserves the right to vary the level of grant or reject an application.

When filling in your application please ensure you have included all information requested and ensure you attach or email the supporting documents required for your application to be processed as detailed on the form and in the guidance. Thank you.

Take a look at the FAQs on the Additional Flood Relief Scheme.

Before you complete the form...

  • We are the Data Controller under data protection law and will use the information you provide on this form in order to administer the scheme. The legal basis for processing this data is that it is necessary for the performance of a contract with you.
  • We reserve the right to reclaim any money, which has been paid as a result of fraudulent or misleading claims.
  • Successful applicants will have their data stored for 7 years.  This enables us to comply with our financial procedures.  Unsuccessful applicants will have their data stored for 3 years.  This enables us to gather statistical data regarding our awards.
  • You may be contacted by us to discuss the application. This enables us to request further information in regards to the application and supports the decision making process. We will notify you of the outcome within 14 days of your completed application.
  • We have a duty to protect the public funds we administer and to this end may use the information provided on this form for the prevention and detection of fraud.  We may also share this information with other agencies and organisations solely for these purposes.

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