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Licensing and Registration General Fees



From 1/04/2017


Animal Activities Licences
Information on the fees applicable to these licences is here N/A
Dangerous Wild Animals
Initial 391.00
Renewal 258.00
Vet fees/Animal welfare visit (if applicable) Charged at Cost
Zoo licences
Initial 1882.00
(plus Inspector's expenses)
Renewal 1,692.00
(plus Inspector's expenses)
Vet fees/Animal welfare visit (if applicable) Charged at Cost
Acupuncture, Tattooing, Electrolysis, Ear Piercing, Skin Piercing & Semi-Permanent Skin Colouring
Certificate of Registration: (a) Person 190.00
(b) Premise 274.00
(c) Persons & Premises 462.00
Sex Establishments
Initial 4,977.00
Renewal 1,911.00
Transfer 380.00
Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013
Site Licence Initial (3 year licence) 290.00
Site Licence Renewal (3 year licence) 240.00
Collectors Licence Initial (3 year licence) 145.00
Collectors Licence Renewal (3 year licence) 95.00
Variation of Licence 65.00
Copy of licence (if lost or stolen) 25.00