Christmas Support Payments for ‘wet-led’ pubs

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 1 December 2020, Wyre Forest District Council will be providing a £1,000 grant for ‘wet-led pubs’ operating within the district. This grant is to support pubs that predominantly serve alcohol rather than food over the festive period.  It is to cover the period from 2 December to 29 December 2020. 

To qualify, a pub must:

  • be located within Wyre Forest for all or part of the period between 2 and 29 December 2020;
  • have been trading on 30 November 2020 (or prior to when the recent local / national restrictions come into force);
  • meet the definition of a pub (see below);
  • derive less than 50% of its income from the sale of food;
  • not exceed state aid limits; and
  • not be in administration, insolvent or have a striking-off notice issued against it.

For the purposes of this grant, a pub should under normal circumstances (without local or national restrictions) be described as: open to the general public, allow free entry other than when occasional entertainment is provided, allow drinking without requiring food to be consumed and permit drinks to be purchased at a bar.

It will exclude: restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, hotels, snack bars, guesthouses, boarding houses, sporting venues, music venues, festival sites, theatres, museums, exhibition halls, cinemas, concert halls and casinos.


Wet-led pubs applying for the Christmas Support Payment (CSP) will be required to make a statement that confirms their eligibility. This includes declaring that State Aid limits have not been exceeded.  The council places responsibility on the applicant to agree that their statement is correct to the best of their knowledge.

Businesses will need to provide evidence to support their statement of eligibility that the wet-led pub derives less than 50% of its income from sales of food. 

State Aid

The Local Restrictions Support Grant counts towards state aid limits.  The de minimis state aid limit is €200,000 over a three-year period. If the business has reached that threshold, it may still be eligible for funding under the COVID-19 Temporary Framework. The limit for the framework is €800,000.

You will be required to confirm that you have not exceeded the relevant state aid threshold and, if you apply under the COVID-19 Temporary Framework the you were not an ‘undertaking in difficulty’ on 31 December 2019.

The 'undertaking in difficulty' test does not apply to small and micro undertakings (less than 50 employees and less than EUR 10 million of annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet) unless they were already in insolvency proceedings, have received rescue aid that has not been repaid, or are subject to a restructuring plan under state aid rules.

How to apply

To apply for this payment, please email with the following information:

  • Business rates account number
  • Ratepayer name
  • Business name and address
  • Copy of a recent bank statement dated within the last 3 months
  • Confirmation that your business was trading up until 30 November 2020
  • Number of employees
  • Evidence in the form of a set of accounts pre-dating 11 March 2020.  This must show a separate breakdown of the sales of food, beverages and any other income.  Please let us know if the business was established after 11 March 2020.

Application window will close on 31 January 2021

Further information

The information provided to the Council will be treated as confidential and used in the assessment of the Local Restrictions Support Grant, other Covid-19 related business grants and the administration of National Non-Domestic Rates.  

The Council has a duty to protect public funds and to prevent and investigate allegations of fraud and error. The Council participates in fraud initiatives, including the National Fraud Initiative. We will share information from the application form with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for statistical and grant assurance purposes.  We may disclose information to other bodies, including other billing authorities and government departments, where it is allowed by law or where you have given consent.