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KAFF 2019

Does your company want a bigger visual presence? There is no better opportunity than sponsoring Kidderminster Arts Festival!

Lindsay Law From The Crafterie With Cardboard Sculpture And The DJ From The Worlds First Human Dukebox And Children Enjoying The Day

Kidderminster Arts Festival began life in 2003 with a small grant from the Arts Council and an audience of just 2000 people. Since then it has become the flagship project of Wyre Forest District Council Arts and Play Development Team's portfolio. KAF now works with a huge range of partners, commissions new work and reaches over 100,000 people.

The event is held in the last two weeks of August in and around Kidderminster town centre in local venues and on the streets.

KAF offers a diverse cultural experience to all ages and interests, including a programme of performance workshops, shows, street arts and exhibitions. We also work closely with Kidderminster Creatives a group of independent artists who use the event as a platform to present new and established work to local audiences. 

To have a look at KAF 2016 click here!

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many ways in which you can get involved and achieve great exposure for your company.

The options are listed below.

Sponsorship packs are available on a first come first served basis. This of course means that you would have relative exclusivity depending on which pack you choose.

Gold Sponsorship Pack (limited  to 4 sponsors)

  • Banner on the KAF website
  • Branding in festival brochure
  • Engagement opportunities at key events
  • Profile piece in public email newsletters
  • Regular Facebook posts
  • Regular Tweets
  • Free tickets for launch and selected events
  • Keynote speaking opportunities at launch event
  • Inclusion in two Shuttle newspaper wraparounds
  • Logo on beer mats distributed in surrounding area
  • Panels on refuse collection vehicles
  • Blog available for promotional messages

Silver Sponsorship Pack (limited to 10 sponsors)

  • Branding on festival brochure
  • Engagement opportunities at selected events
  • Profile piece in public email newsletters
  • Regular Facebook posts
  • Regular Tweets
  • Logo on the KAF website

Bronze Sponsorship Pack 

  • Branding on selected event material
  • Engagement opportunities at selected events
  • Regular Facebook posts
  • Regular Tweets
  • Logo on the KAF website

Other opportunities

  • Stall in high street (limited availability) £20 - £30 per day
  • Pop up displays in Kidderminster Town Hall £25 (provide your own or we can produce one for you at a cost of £175)
  • Advertisement in Kidderminster Arts Brochure...1/2 page cost £100, Full page cost £200
  • Donations in kind for products or services to support the Festival - click here to donate

Advertising Guidelines

Companies wishing to advertise with the council must adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Be legal, decent, honest, truthful and secular
  • Not bring advertising or the council into disrepute
  • Conform to the British Code of Advertising
  • Respect the principles of fair competition
  • Alcohol
  • Violence
  • Tobacco, E-cigarettes and similar products
  • The sex industry
  • Gambling or betting
  • Material which may be regarded as offensive or discriminatory
  • Political parties
  • Organisations opposed to or campaigning against council policies
  • Companies or organisations providing services in competition to WFDC

The council reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship or advertisements deemed inappropriate.

KAF Sponsorship 2018

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