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Wyre Forest House Cafe Menus

Regular Menu


Every week there will be one or two dishes available that support the World Food Programme. With every WORLD FOOD SPECIAL purchased the customer will receive a loyalty card with a stamp for each purchase made. Once the loyalty card is filled with 8 stamps the customer will then receive a WORLD FOOD SPECIAL of their choice and be entered into a PRIZE DRAW to win a Bladed Mini Chopper.

Also, with every WORLD FOOD purchase made, Midshire Services will be supporting donations to the World Food Programme. These donations will buy meals for vulnerable children around the world which will provide food security and nutrition. To find out more, visit www.wfp.org


Toast white/brown            51p
Cereals with fresh milk     £1.14
Bacon bap/sandwich        £2.28
Sausage bap/sandwich     £2.28
Bacon/Sausage sandwich  £2.85

All day breakfast (made to order)

Full breakfast: 2 rashers of bacon, 2 pork sausages, 2 hash brown, 2 toast, Beans and
Scrambled egg               £4.69

Mini Breakfast: 1 rasher bacon, 1 pork sausage, 1 hash brown, 1 toast, Beans and
Scrambled egg               £3.50


Jacket potatoes:
Plain                 £2.11
One filling         £2.74
Two fillings       £2.96
Two fillings plus salad     £3.53
Filling choices are cheese, baked beans, handmade coleslaw at 63p each
tuna mayo, prawn mayo at 65p each

Hot specials:
See café board for details
Prices start at    £3.50

Beans on toast                    £2.03
Beans on toast with cheese  £2.26
Scrambled egg on toast       £2.49
Cheesy nachos with salsa     £2.26
Soup                                  £2.26
Soup with bread/bap           £2.83

Other items:
Plated salad from £2.83
Salad Pot from £2.26
Fruit pots £1.25
Yogurt pots 86p
Muffins £1.47
Slice of cake £1.75


Americano Coffee:£2.05
Latte / Cappucino: £2.15
Hot Chocolate: £2.20

Tea: £1.25
Specialist tea including decaf £1.41

Contour Bottles £1.25
Cans  £0.85
Still/Sparkling Water: £0.80
Appletizer/Minute Maid Juice £1.00

*All items are subject to availability
*Where possible all our ingredients are locally sourced

To place an order for any special requirements contact Craig on 01562 732172

Daily Specials - only £3.50!

(Served from 12 noon until 2pm)

Here's this week's menu for week commencing 27 March 2017.

Gluten free pasta bake day! 

Tuna pasta bake


Cheese, Tomato & Herb pasta bake

Love Joe's Chicken Wraps!

Hot 'n' spicy chicken


Greek passion chicken


Beef madras


Sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry 

Love Joe's Chicken Wraps!

Cajun chicken


Chinese plum chicken


Beef chilli


3 bean chilli

Don’t forget our range of panini’s, toasties, jacket potatoes and freshly made sandwiches!



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