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Countryside and Nature

Our rangers team team has an important part to play in maintaining the natural environment to ensure the rare flora and fauna of our district will survive into the future.

Meet the Rangers

Find out about when the Ranger Service was established and what the Rangers do


Our Reserves

We manage a number of sites across Wyre Forest, including;

Habberley Valley

Rifle Range SSSI

Riverside Conservation Area

Burlish Top



Current Projects

Each year the Ranger Service will try to tackle some of the larger areas of conservation concern on the nature reserves. This year's projects include Heathland Restoration


Grazing Animals Project

Our herd of  Shetland cattle, a native and a rare breed are used to graze conservation sites across the district



Would you like to become more involved in your local site? Volunteers are a crucial part of managing our nature reserves.


Young Rangers

Our Young Rangers Club gives local eight to fourteen year olds the opportunity to explore and experience nature and wildlife found in and around the Wyre Forest district.


Information on Common Habitats 


Acidic Meadows/Lowland Heaths

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