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Voting by Post at Elections

If you know you are going to be unable to get to your polling station you can apply for a postal vote

Download the form here (you can apply for a one off postal vote or a continuous one).

When you have completed the form please return to Elections Team, Wyre Forest District Council, Wyre Forest House, Finepoint Way, Kidderminster, DY11 7WF.

What should I do when my Postal Ballot paper arrives ?

Look out for the white envelope with purple edges that is usually sent out two weeks before polling day. Please take great care with the contents. If you lose or destroy them you will need to contact the Electoral Services Office immediately.

To cast your vote:

  • Open the outer envelope, (please be careful not to mix up your documents with anyone else’s in the house) - inside the outer envelope there will be:
  • Ballot paper(s), a Postal Voting Statement, Quick Guide to Postal Voting, a Ballot Paper Envelope A and a Return Envelope B.  Please take great care to ensure you do not mix your postal vote pack with anyone else who also has a postal vote pack in the household.
  • Please read through the Quick guide to Postal voting as there are detailed instructions explaining how to complete your paperwork.
  • Detaching the security statement at the perforations and in BLACK PEN write your date of birth in the boxes in Day, Month and Year format.  Write your signature within the boxed area and take care to use your usual signature, and give your correct date of birth. If these vary from the records you supplied to us previously, your vote will be rejected. This is an anti-fraud security measure.   If you have been allowed a signature waiver, there will be no box for your signature as you do not need to sign.
  • Check the ballot paper(s) and in a private place mark a cross (x) in the box to the right of the party/candidate you want to vote for. DO NOT vote or more than the number of candidate(s) specified otherwise your vote will be rejected.
  • When completed, peel Label A and stick on Envelope A. Fold the ballot paper(s) and slide it into the pocket of envelope A, moisten the flap where shown and fold over to seal.
  • Peel Label B and stick on reverse of Envelope B.  Put the Postal Voting Statement and Envelope A into the return envelope (ENVELOPE B)
  • Return all this to us without delay – the postage is pre-paid

What if I am unable to provide a consistent specimen signature?
If you are unable to provide a signature as a personal identifier, please contact the Electoral Services Office. We will be able to advise on alternative postal voting methods.

Postal vote refresh

We have a duty to collect a signature from postal voters every five years to make sure we have an up-to-date signature.  This is very important because your signature is used at elections when you cast your vote.

If the signature we have on file for you is 5 years old or more then we will send you a form called a Postal Vote Confirmation Notice

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