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Wyre Forest’s register of electors (otherwise known as the electoral roll) is a record of everyone who lives within the district and is eligible to vote.  You can only vote if your name is on the register of electors. Although you do not have to vote on election day (it is your choice), you are required by law to register.

How you register to vote

The way you register to vote changed on Tuesday 10 June 2014.  The system is called Individual Electoral Registration (IER). It means:

The change to IER

We wrote to local residents at the beginning of August.  This letter tells you what you need to do to be on the new electoral register. If you have not had a letter about registering to vote by Monday 11 August please email the Elections Team or call 01562 732928.  If you have questions about the letter visit our webpage which has many of the answers to frequently asked questions.

The majority of people will be automatically added to the new register.  However some people will need to re-register.  This is because the previous register has been matched against other databases, such as that held by the Department for Work and Pensions.  If a voter’s records do not match – for example because they have recently moved house, they will need to re-register.  The letter will explain what actions are needed.

If you do not respond...

A reminder form will be sent to any residents who do not respond.  By law, we must also send a second reminder, followed by a personal visit in the autumn to all residents who do not register to vote under the new system.  This is so their details can be included in the Revised Register to be published by 1 December 2014.

If you are a postal or proxy voter you must register under the new IER system or you will automatically lose the right to use this method of voting.

Find out more about IER

Read leaflet.


Register to vote

You can now register to vote online. Don’t forget you will need your National Insurance Number.

Paper copies of the registration form are available from the Worcestershire Hub in Kidderminster and Bewdley.

You can also contact us.

Changing address or name

You can change your details online too.  Don’t forget you will need your National Insurance Number.

Inspecting the register

You can view the full electoral register at the Worcestershire Hub in Kidderminster, no appointment is necessary. The edited register is also available at Kidderminster Library. 

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