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Elections for all district councillors took place on Thursday 5th May 2016. 
This followed the new electoral arrangements for the district.
Wyre Forest District is made up of 12 wards and is represented by 33 ward Councillors.

Your Councillors are (select a Councillor to view their roles, responsibilities and contact details.):

Aston, John Baker, Jeff Bishop, Rose
Campion, John-Paul Chambers, Sally Clee, Stephen
Desmond, John 
Desmond, Nathan
Dyke, Helen
Dyke, Peter
Hardiman, Ian
Hart, John
Hart, Marcus
Henderson, Ken
Higgs, Vi
Hingley, Anne Gale, Nicky Knowles, Nigel
Little, David
Martin, Nicky Miah, Shazu
Oborski, Fran Onslow, Tracey
Rayner, Mary
Rogers, Chris Shaw, James Smith, Juliet
Vale, Becky Walker, Steven Williams, Howard
Williams, Stephen
Wilson, Rod
Yarranton, Gordon

Consisting of

The map depicts the 12 Wyre Forest wards. Clicking on a ward name will show the Councillors for that ward, together with details of their roles, responsibilities and contact details.

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