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Councillors' Allowances, Disclosures and Expenses

Each of our Councillors receives a 'basic allowance' to reflect the work they do as local representatives. They can also claim for:-

  • Special Responsibility Allowances, which are paid to Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Committees, Leader of the Council, Members of the Cabinet and Leaders of Opposition Parties.
  • Travel and subsistence expenses can also be claimed by Councillors to cover their costs when they are required to travel for approved duties.

In addition to directly paid expenses, we also provide our Members with equipment such as computers and printers and pay for broadband connectivity to assist them in carrying out their duties.

Members Allowances paid 2017/18

Members Allowances paid 2016/17

Members Allowances paid 2015/16

Members Allowances paid 2014/15

Members Allowances paid 2013/14

Details of the Members' allowance scheme can be viewed in section 17 of the Council's Constitution

Independent Remuneration Panel's report and recommendations for 2015-16.


Register of Gifts and Hospitality

The Elected Members’ Register of Interests

Wyre Forest District Council’s 33 Councillors have all completed an entry in the Members' Register of Interests and have agreed to abide by the Council's Code of Conduct for Members.

Register of Interest Form for each Member.


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