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Becoming a Councillor within Wyre Forest

If you are passionate about your area and feel you can make a difference in your community then consider becoming a local councillor. 

Most candidates at elections stand as representatives of a political party and will be authorised (as they must be) to use its description, party logo and so on. It is, however, also possible for candidates to stand as independents.

You will need the support of at least 10 electors for the District Ward you wish to contest when completing your nomination paper.

No financial deposit is required of those standing as candidates at local government elections.


Nominations may be received by the Returning Officer, Wyre Forest House, Finepoint Way, Kidderminster, DY11 7WF within the period laid down by law for each particular election. No late nomination papers can be accepted.

Every nomination paper submitted must be accompanied by a form of candidate’s consent to the nomination.

If the candidate stands, using a description which would imply association with a registered political party, that party’s nominating officer must have issued a certificate giving permission for this before the nomination can be accepted.

If the candidate wishes to appoint an election agent the form making this appointment must be submitted by the statutory date. Where no agent is appointed the candidate is automatically deemed to be his/her own agent.

For an informal discussion on becoming a councillor contact Karen Walsh by email or 01562 732708.

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