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Apply For A Temporary Road Closure

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Application For A Temporary Road Closure Order

Town Police Clauses Act 1847: Section 21
Applicant's Details


Important Information

For Charitable / Community* events

  • If the application and payment are received more than 6 weeks in advance of the event - £106.00
  • If the application and payment are received less than 6 weeks in advance of the event - £140.00.
  • Remembrance Day Parades and National Royal Celebrations - FREE.

* Community events are non profit events organised by a member of the public.

All other events / reasons for road closure including commercial events

  • Applications and payment received more than 6 weeks in advance of the event - £140.00
  • Applications and payment received less than 6 weeks in advance of the event - £176.00.

All documents and payment must be made before the Temporary Road Closure will be processed.

As part of the application form, you must provide: 

  1. A map or plan of the roads affected. Please colour closure(s) in red and indicate a suitable diversion route in green.
  2. A copy of your public liability insurance.

Scans or high quality photos will suffice.

Our policy is to make temporary road closures only where the Police and Worcestershire County Council agree to the terms of the proposed order, and the Police consider that an Order is necessary to facilitate policing of the event. You will also need to comply with any conditions the Police attach to the Order up to and during your event. To minimise the risk of objections to your proposals you should consult the Police and Worcestershire County Council and agree the details (including the time and date of the event) of the proposed road closures before making your application. To do so, please contact:

West Mercia Constabulary: Ian Connolly, Traffic Management Advisor (Acting) & Highway Events Co-ordinator, Warwickshire Police & West Mercia Police, Safer Roads Team. Telephone 01562 826032

Worcestershire County Council: email:

As the event organiser, it is also your responsibility to:

  • Publicise the event. Local businesses and residents likely to be affected should be notified in advance.
  • Ensure that you have adequate public liability insurance cover for the event (and supplied evidence as above).
  • Arrange for suitable signs and barriers indicating that the affected roads are closed, and the alternative route. Please note that signs are not available from the Police or County Council and so you may need to arrange these with a private contractor at your own expense.
  • For the removal of any street furniture including bollards, barriers, signs etc. including riverside bollards, contact us as this will incur a charge.
  • Event notices will be sent via email. Print out, laminate, and display these 7 days in advance of the event so they are clear to the public. This is usually at either end of the road closure, and can be attached to lamp posts. They must be removed immediately after the event.
  • Monitor the Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders to keep up to date with any planned works.

If you intend to hold a street collection for charity during your event, you will need to -

If you need any more information or help with your application please contact:

01562 732108/6


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