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How do I report Littering? 

If you have a problem with littering in your area please contact us or use the report form below.

You can also request a new litter bin or report problems with existing bins.

If you want to help with littering in your area you can go and sign up with Love Where You Live. You can make a pledge, take part or even organise an event in your local area.

We have the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for a number of offences in the district including Littering.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part 4 Section 87 (1) says: "A person is guilty of an offence if he throws down, drops or otherwise deposits any litter in any place to which this section applies and leaves it."

It is also stated in Section 87 (4) "It is immaterial for the purposes of this section whether the litter is deposited on land or in water"

It is important that everyone puts their litter in a bin or takes it home with them.

It is equally important to note that that the laws also apply to people by, and using the waterways.

Within our Civil Enforcement Team, each officer is given training to issue these Fixed Penalty Notices

We are able to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to people for the following:

Description of Offence Full Amount of Penalty Maximum Penalty of Conviction
Depositing Litter £75 £2,500
Failure to Remove Dog Faeces £50 £1,000
Fly Posting or Graffiti £75 £2,500

If you feel that you have mitigating circumstances that you want considered regarding the issue of the Fixed Penalty Notice the appeal details will be on the letter that has been sent to you with the Fixed Penalty Notice.

All Fixed Penalty Notices are logged and failure to pay within the correct time allowed means that you can be summoned to a Magistrates Court for failure of payment.

Litter Bins

Request a litter bin or report a problem. If you provide us with your contact details we will update you with any action taken.

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