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Leaflet Distribution

The distribution of free printed matter is when people are giving out leaflets or distributing leaflets underneath car windscreen wipers.

It is illegal to distribute free printed matter under section 94B of the Environmental Protection Act and also the Clean Neighbourhoods Act of 2005.

This unwanted distribution often results in the leaflet simply being discarded in the street; this makes the area look untidy and uncared for and it costs us to clear it up.

Anyone found distributing free printed matter in this way can be issued with an on the spot fine of £75 which can go up to £2,500 for each leaflet distributed.

We endeavour to work with retailers and businesses to minimise the amount of free literature that is discarded and accumulates as litter in the local environment, before seeking to impose legislative restrictions.

Report people distributing leaflets below.


Street Care and Cleaning

Please provide us with as much information as possible including a contact for you in case we need to clarify anything.

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