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Dog Fouling

We aim to change public attitude towards dog fouling and establish a zero tolerance in people’s minds.

The ‘WANTED’ campaign encourages local residents to report incidents of dog fouling in their area. It is hoped that this will encourage more dog owners to pick up after their pets.

The Council is encouraging residents, visitors and those who work in the district to take a zero tolerance approach to irresponsible dog owners who let their dogs foul in public areas.

Don’t stand by and let it happen. Make a note of their details and let us know. If you know a particular person with a certain breed of dog who visits an area or park at a regular time of day give us the details. This will allow us to take action against irresponsible dog owners by issuing a on the spot Fixed Penalty Notice of £50 or prosecution in the Magistrates Court with a fine of up to £1000.

When you contact us please give us a description of the owner and the dog, which area they were in and at what time. If you are using the online report form opposite you can do this by filling in the relevant boxes.

Please remember you can make an anonymous report.


Dog Fouling

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About the dog
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Help us stop this happening again. If you answer yes to the following statements we will be in touch shortly. If you answer no the information you provide will be used for information gathering only.

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