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Too Much For Your Bin or Need Help?

For more information and tips on reduce and reuse please visit Worcestershire County Council's new waste prevention website Let's Waste Less

If you have an occasional excess of rubbish or recycling you can take it to one of the household recycling sites (tips) or one of the recycling banks in the district.

If you often have too much recycling for one green bin you can order a second (or even third!) bin, free of charge, by completing a form below or by calling the Worcestershire Hub on 01562 732928. Alternatively, for occasional excess recycling reusable bags can be collected from any of our Hub locations.


If you have a child under 3 in nappies and are struggling to fit everything into your black bin you can request an additional nappy bin which would be collected fortnightly with your normal waste.
As an alternative to disposables have you considered using 'real' nappies? Find out all you need to know to get started in our real nappy guide.

Medical Waste Collection

We provide a service for the collection of medical waste. This is through a separate black wheelie bin that will be collected fortnightly alongside your normal household rubbish and sent to landfill.
Medical waste is not to be confused with clinical waste, you need to contact your GP surgery to arrange a clinical waste collection.
Please read the Medical Waste F.A.Q's  before deciding if this service is right for you.

Pull out service (special collection point)

If you are unable to put your bins out for collection due to disability or infirmity and do not have anyone living in the house who can move the bins for you we are able to offer a pull out service where we will collect and return the bins to an agreed point.
To request an additional recycling bin, a nappy or medical bin or pull out service please complete the application below.

Rubbish and Recycling

Rubbish and Recycling - additional needs

We will not collect the additional bin if general waste is included. The bin remains the property of Wyre Forest District Council and we reserve the right to review, amend or withdraw the service as or when necessary.
By submitting this form you confirm that the information provided is true and correct. Should your circumstances change it is your responsibility to inform us.

Wyre Forest District Council