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Planning Practice Notes and Advice Leaflets

Practice notes and advice leaflets are currently under review - please note change to contact details:

Development Management
Wyre Forest District Council
Wyre Forest House
Finepoint Way
DY11 7WF

Telephone: 01562 732928


Practice Notes

1 Public Access to Planning Files and Information (49K)
2 Site Visits, Meetings Good House Keeping (46K)
3 Publicity and Consultation on Planning Applications (74K)
4 Registration and Validation of Planning Applications (113K)
5 Dealing with Trees and Hedgerows (114K)
6 Charging for Permitted Development and Pre-Application Advice Guidance Note (74K)
7 Dealing with Pre Apps (45K)
8 Departure Applications (18K)
9 Planning Obligations (46K)
10 Parish Representations at Planning DC Committee (37K)
11 The Provision of Affordable Housing – A Guide for Officers and Developers
Withdrawn 2009 - For advice on Affordable Housing please contact the Development Management Team
12 Protocol Site Visits (33K)
13 Public Speaking (28K)
14 Protocol on consideration of delegated planning applications by Ward Members Withdrawn 2006
15 Approach for Major Applications (56K)
16 Dealing with High Hedge Complaints (102K)
17 Guidance For Developers Submitting Major Planning Applications (371K)
18 Guidance For Producing Design And Access Statements (129K)
19 Guidance on Renewable Energy (92K)

Advice Leaflets

1 The impact of extensions on daylight to neighbouring properties The 45°Code(633K)
2 Good practice for building domestic extensions A Guide to House Extensions (1,638K)
3 When planning permission may be required for horses and stables A Planning Guide to Horses and Stables (966K)
4 A guide to Conservation Areas in Wyre Forest A Planning Guide to Conservation Areas (5,734K)
5 When planning permission is required for household development WITHDRAWN Go to planning for householders for further advice.
6 How to arrange to speak at the Council’s Planning (Development Management) Committee Public Speaking at Planning (Development Management) Committee (142K)
7 Best Practice on works to trees A Guide to Tree Works (1,122K)
8 A guide to developing in the vicinity of trees Guidance Notes for the Protection of Trees on Development Sites (849K)
9 A guide to Listed Buildings A Guide to Listed Buildings (469K)
10 When working from home requires planning permission A Planning Guide to Working From Home (1,182K)
11  A guide to development against which the Council may take enforcement action A guide to Planning Enforcement (2,293K)
12 A guide to the ‘joined-up’ approach to planning A Guide to the Development Team Approach (1873K)
13 When planning permission may be required for agricultural work Farmers Guide to Permitted Development (801K)
14 When planning permission may be required for caravans A Planning Guide to Caravans (1,155K)
15 A guide to buildings and structures which are not statutorily Listed but have been included in the Local List A Guide to the Local Heritage List
16 Making provision for disabled users of developments Inclusive Environments (5,317K)
17 A guide on preparing a major planning application Guidance on submitting major planning applications (371K)
18 A guide to developing sustainable drainage systems A Planning Guide to Sustainable Drainage Systems (205K)
19 A guide to enable enclosed workplaces and public places go 'smoke free'. Planning Guidance on going Smoke Free (413K)
20 A guide to understanding and writing access statements. More information on Access Statements  A Guide to Access Statements- what they are and how to write them (221K)

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