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Local Plan Review (2016 - 2034)

Local Plan Review Issues and Options Paper

The District Council is currently in the early stages of undertaking a Local Plan Review.  The new Local Plan will replace the current Adopted Core Strategy, Site Allocations and Policies Local Plan and Kidderminster Central Area Action Plan.  Please see the current Project Plan for the most up to date timetable.

As part of the Local Plan Review, the Council has produced an “issues and options” document. This identifies a number of potential options for locating new development in our area and also asks questions about the main issues and challenges which may affect the District both now and in the future. This is the first stage of the Plan Review and it is not the purpose of the Issues and Options Paper to allocate sites for future development. Rather it identifies some broad areas for potential development in the future to encourage comment and debate. This does not necessarily mean that those broad areas will be subject to development within the new plan period.

The six week public consultation on the Issues and Options Paper closed on 16th October 2015. A large number of responses were received and were reported to Cabinet on 22 December 2015. All responses received will be used to help develop the Preferred Options stage of the Local Plan Review.

View the table of responses (4277K)

View the Issues and Option Paper and responses via the online portal

View the Local Plan Review Issues and Options Paper (8200K)

View the Local Plan Review Leaflet (286K)

During the consultation period the Planning Policy Team hosted a number of drop-in sessions.

View the display boards from the drop-in sessions (3153K)


Sustainability Appraisal

Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is required during the preparation of a Local Plan. The local planning authority must carry out an appraisal of the sustainability of the proposals. This will help the authority to assess how the plan will contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.  Sustainability appraisal is integral to the preparation and development of a Local Plan, so work should start at the same time that work starts on developing the plan.

A consultation on the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report was undertaken between Monday 18th May and Monday 22nd June 2015.  The comments are now available to view and will be used to amend the Scoping Report.  A Revised SA Scoping Report has been published alongside the Issues and Options Paper.   

View the Revised SA Scoping Report (September 2015) (2827K)

View the responses to the SA Scoping Report

View the SA Scoping Report (May 2015)

Local Plan Review Evidence Base

Call for Sites - What Happens Next?

The District Council is in the early stages of developing a new Local Plan. The information gathered from the latest Call For Sites will be used to help inform the generation of growth options for the new Local Plan. An Issues & Options consultation was undertaken from 1st September until 16th October 2015.

All of the submitted sites have now been assessed, by an independent panel, as part of the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA). This technical evidence base will then help to inform the allocation of sites which will be identified at the Preferred Options stage of the Local Plan process. In order to finalise the HELAA, we will not be accepting any further potential sites after February 29th 2016.

Please note that the submission of a site does not mean that the site will be allocated for development in the Local Plan. A ‘Call for Sites’ is simply a means to establish which sites could potentially come forward for future development for the Council to consider as part of the Local Plan process.

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