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Local Plan Review Evidence Base

The Council has undertaken a wide range of research to help develop the new Local Plan (2016-34). This research, and its findings, forms the Evidence Base.


Title of Report

Date of publication


Objective Assessment of Housing Need Update (4,984K)

April 2017

Residential Land Availability Report (October 2016) (358K) October 2016
Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment 20 June 2016
Objective Assessment of Housing Need (4,273K)

25 May 2016

Green Belt Wyre Forest Green Belt Review - Strategic Analysis (10,366K) September 2016
Wyre Forest Green Belt Review Part II Analysis of Sites (16,843K)

April 2017

Employment and Town Centres

Retail and Commercial Leisure Needs Survey 23 June 2016

Wyre Forest Employment Land Review

14 June 2016

Viability and Infrastructure

Wyre Forest Infrastructure Delivery Plan (916K) 22 May 2017

Local Plan Viability Assessment with CIL Scoping (19,183K)

17 May 2017

Water Management

Water Cycle Study May 2017

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

February 2017

Sustainability Appraisal

Preferred Options Sustainability Appraisal (6,730K)

May 2017

Revised Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (2,827K)

September 2015

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report Responses

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report May 2015

As the Council produces evidence to support the Local Plan Review a number of documents will be generated. As they are published they will be made available under the following categories:  

Other categories may be generated in due course.

Adopted Local Plan Evidence Base

The Council has produced a number of documents to inform the preparation of the Local Plan.  These fall into a number of different categories:

Documents produced us are available for purchase. Prices are available upon request.

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