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2015 Local Plan Review Evidence Base

In the coming weeks and months a wide range of new evidence will be published. This will be required to inform the development of the new Local Plan including the refinement of the Spatial Strategy to be adopted, the identification of new issues to be addressed and to help assess the suitability of new allocations for development.

The initial tranche of new evidence to be released is as follows:


Title of Report

Date of publication


Objective Assessment of Housing Need  (4,273K)

25 May 2016


Residential Land Availability Report – April 2016 (471K)
(NB – this report employs the new OAHN as the baseline)

25 May 2016

Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment

20 June 2016

Employment and Town Centres

Wyre Forest Employment Land Review

14 June 2016


Retail and Commercial Leisure Needs Survey

23 June 2016

As the Council produces evidence to support the Local Plan Review a number of documents will be generated. As they are published they will be made available under the following categories:  

Other categories may be generated in due course.

Adopted Local Plan Evidence Base

The Council has produced a number of documents to inform the preparation of the Local Plan.  These fall into a number of different categories:

Documents produced us are available for purchase. Prices are available upon request.

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