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Wyre Forest District Council is reminding residents they do not have to pay others to challenge their council tax banding if they think it is wrong.

The council is concerned some companies are cold calling residents and using social media to give a false impression that residents have to pay for this service.

In fact residents can challenge themselves, free of charge, within six months of moving into their home or if there have been physical changes to the property, the neighbourhood, or the use of the building.

Wyre Forest District Council collects council tax from households depending on which council tax band (from A to H) the property has been placed in by the national Valuation Office Agency, based on how much the property was worth on 1 April 1991.

Wyre Forest District Council’s cabinet member for transformation and change Sara Fearn said: “It is not illegal for companies to charge for this service, but I am concerned that residents may not be aware that they can do it themselves for free.

“My advice to anyone who has reason to think their home is in the wrong band, is to check on the website or contact the Valuation Office Agency by phone. It is a straight-forward and simple process and help and advice is readily available.”

You can find out more about when and how you can appeal from the Valuation Office Agency website or by calling 03000 501 501.


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