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Wyre Forest District Council is offering charities, voluntary groups and schools in the district, the chance to have equipment from Wyre Forest Glades Leisure Centre and Stourport Sports Centre.

The centres will be closing on Saturday 2 July and the new Wyre Forest Leisure Centre is opening on Wednesday 6 July.  There is more information about the new Wyre Forest Leisure Centre on our webpage.

Expressions of interest for items should be emailed to  Please only submit a request if your organisation would definitely be able to use the equipment.

The system will work on a first come, first served basis.

Groups will be required to sign a disclaimer of responsibility prior to picking up the equipment.

List of equipment and items from Wyre Forest Glades Leisure Centre

List of equipment and items from Stourport Sports Centre

All items are free of charge but must be collected by the successful group from either the Glades or Stourport Sports Centre on a date agreed by Wyre Forest District Council.

In order to try and dispose of the equipment in as fair and equitable a manner as possible, we have developed the following system:

  • Please submit an expression of interest for anything on these lists by Friday 10th June 2016, and please only do so if you would definitely be able to use this equipment and collect it from either Wyre Forest Glades Leisure Centre or Stourport Sports Centre
  • Photos of most of the items on the lists can be found at . An account has been created specifically for viewing these photos. To access them you will have to log in using email address - and enter the password which is leisurecentre.  Within the account there are 2 folders; one labelled the Glades and one Stourport Sports Centre. All of the photos can be viewed in these files and each photo has a description of what the item is. Please ensure you log out once you have viewed the photos.
  • The system will be on a strict first come, first serve basis
  • Email requests to

Once the deadline has passed everyone who has expressed an interest will be written to and they will be informed if they were successful or not. From there, the successful parties will be given some dates to collect the items that they have chosen and the relevant paperwork to sign.

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